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We use cookies to provide the service and functions proposed on our website and to improve the experience of our users.


By clicking "I ACCEPT", you agree to the use of these cookies, unless you later decide to disable them.

Cookies are implemented on all sites created by Wix.


Review the table below to see what cookies Wix implements on Wix sites:


Name of the  Cookie                Life span (duration)                Purpose

svSession                        Permanent                     Create activities and BI

hs                             Session                         Security

incap_ses _ $ {Proxy-ID} _ {Site-ID}      Session                         Security

incap_visid _ {Proxy-ID} _ {Site-ID}     Session                          Security

nlbi_ {ID}                        Permanent cookie                Security

XSRF-TOKEN                      Permanent cookie                Security

smSession                        Two weeks                    Identification of site members (who are connected)

Here you have more information about cookies.

Here you have information to delete cookies.

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