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Everything comes from the earth

Knowing the peculiarities of the subsoil is the beginning.


This knowledge is of enormous relevance because it can be of great use and is essential to plan any of the activities related to the extraction of certain mineral resources, energy resources,  water resources , etc., or with the construction of infrastructures and buildings.


Geology is also oriented to understand various phenomena that occur in the earth's crust and from this  knowledge  avoid some humanitarian tragedies that follow volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

We are prepared to offer the services that each client needs.

Poyectos geologicos

Projects and


  • Projects and management of Geological Studies.

  • Projects and management of Geotechnical Studies.

  • Projects and management of Slope Stability Studies.

  • Projects and directions of Hydrogeological and Hydrological Studies.

  • Projects and directions of Geological Risk Studies.

  • Geological cartography.

  • Legalization of equipment and facilities.

  • Etc...



Before carrying out pouring, drilling, foundations and, in general, any work of any kind, it is essential to know all the geological characteristics of the soil of the planned location, to see the viability of the planned action and avoid future problems.

Depending on the characteristics of each action, it will be necessary, in addition to a general geological study, to carry out more specific studies.


A hydrogeological study will compile all the possible surface hydraulic conditions and repercussions that the action on a piece of land can suffer, and even benefit, from the influence of a body of water.

A hydrogeological study will give us information about the masses of underground water present and how they can affect the planned action, as well as how the action will affect the groundwater.

The study of geological risks. such as: earthquakes or earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or tidal waves and soil instability, will tell us if they can affect the planned action, giving us the necessary information to counteract them as much as possible.

Estudios de riesgos geologicos
Estudios geotecnicos


We deepen our knowledge of the land, of the soil, using technical and mechanical equipment appropriate to the work to be carried out.

We can carry out any type of geotechnical studies, adapting the necessary means depending on its complexity, guaranteeing that we will obtain precise information on the behavior of the terrain, which allows us to support the necessary buildings and structures.

To understand the subsoil in depth, without the need to carry out mechanical surveys, which are more expensive and have a greater environmental impact, we have the appropriate knowledge and equipment to carry out detailed geophysical studies.

Estudios geofísicos
Estudio y estabilidad de taludes


The results of these studies will allow us to prepare a detailed geological cartography, which will give us all the necessary knowledge about what is in the subsoil of our property and what benefits we can obtain from it.

It will also allow us to adequately plan both the buildings and structures that are going to be located on these lands, as well as the slopes and fills that are planned to be carried out.

Cartografia geologica
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