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We can help you make your investments  in mining safety may have a grant from the MTERD.



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The deadline has been opened to request aid for risk prevention and mining safety in the field of indigenous and sustainable mining. The deadline ends on December 16, 2,021.


The aid covers the following actions in mining companies:


The costs corresponding to investments such as:

a) Material investments in mining safety. Includes projects aimed at improving health and safety in farms, profit establishments and tunnels or galleries in the excavation and maintenance phase.

b) Mining safety training activities, aimed at the face-to-face training of the personnel of the entities to which the General Regulations of Basic Mining Safety Standards apply.


The type of eligible investment, in mining safety, are:


  • Exploitation Area: ​​

    • Support of tunnels and galleries. General and sizing improvements.

    • Conditioning of abandoned areas that may pose a risk to people and / or the environment.

    • Sustenance. Installation of geotechnical control systems.

    • Reconditioning / new accesses and paved roads.

    • Conditioning of banks, berms, slopes and tracks.

  • Mobile mining machinery area.

    • Substitution of dangerous machinery.

    • Adaptation to the applicable security requirements (security elements).

    • New facilities for the maintenance of machinery.

  • Benefit Establishments Area. Conveyor belts and mills.

    • Substitution of dangerous equipment and installations.

    • Adaptation to security requirements (anti-entrapment systems, emergency stops, security elements, etc.).

  • Area of  Benefit establishments. Other facilities and work equipment.

    • New anti-dust systems, or adaptation, of work equipment (anti-dust systems by wet or aspiration, containment systems, etc.). 25

    • Collective protection systems (access systems, platforms, railings, handrails, ladders, ladders, lifelines, etc.). 10

    • New work or adaptation equipment (handling of heavy loads, anti-vibration systems, anti-noise, adaptation to safety requirements, etc.).


The amount of the subsidy for security actions can be:

  • Up to 20% of the eligible investment costs, in the case of small businesses and also micro businesses,

  • 10 percent in that of medium-sized companies.


There is also a subsidy for the training of workers, in the following matters:


a) Training actions in relation to security risks.

  1. A.1 Safe driving and use of mobile machinery.

  2. A.2 Specific risks of conveyor belts.

  3. A.3 Falls at different levels.

  4. A.4 Other risks in profit establishments.

  5. A.5 Ground conditions and their control.

  6. A.6 Cargo handling by machinery.

b) Training actions in relation to specific hygienic and ergonomic risks.

  1. B.1 Inhalation of substances (eg dust, respirable silica, diesel exhaust fumes).

  2. B.2 Physical injuries to workers due to forced postures, repetitive movements and vibrations.

  3. B.3 Exposure to noise.

c) Specific training activities.

  1. C.1 Evacuation drills in case of emergency. 30

  2. C.2 First aid. 20

  3. C.3 Methodology of observation and coaching for behavior.20

  4. C.4 Use of self-rescuers. 15

  5. C.5 Maintenance work.10

  6. C.6 Electrical work. 5

  7. C.7 Use of personal protective equipment. 5


The amount of the subsidy can be 100%.



From TECMINA we can help you throughout the process, from the request for it, to the presentation of the justification of the investment made, in order to guarantee its successful completion.


We remain at your disposal, remembering that the deadline for submitting the application documentation ends on December 16, 2021.

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